Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Cute Pets

I am an animal lover! I love animals. Ever since I was a tiny little chubby child and could read, the books I used to read were about animals. This was my favourite Christmas present of all time. The Kingfisher Animal Encyclopedia. 

I read a lot when I was little. I could get through bookshelves a week.

I have pet mice...

For all the squeaky squealers out there, I know it’s hard to understand but they are absolutely beautiful, funny and intelligent little creatures. 

Both my brother, sister and mum are pretty petrified of mice. But even they’ve come to admit what sweet little creatures they are.

My mouse, Squishy, sleeping peacefully :3

They are the sweetest, cutest, cleverest, funniest, (and cheapest!) pets ever. Here are my cute pets, my sweet meeces.

Sleeping mice are probably the cutest sleeping animals ever, Marjorie

Marjorie mouse



I rescue my mice from the local Pet Rescue because if there is one thing you will get to know about me, it’s that I’m the biggest softie for animals around.

If I were smart enough I’m sure I’d have been a Vet. And I hate to see all those beautiful little bunnies, smart rats, cute guinea pigs and sweet mice waiting for their forever home when I can offer them one! Once I have the time I’ll rescue dogs, rescue puppies, rescue cats... Poor little abandoned animals!

My mum and sister have four dogs, a rabbit and a cat. Though I don’t live with my momma, I still think of all the pets as mine since I grew up with most of them. Hazel is my rabbit and isn’t she just a darling? (Hazel is actually a boy rabbit who was mis-sexed as a girl. We soon realised she was a he when a huge pair of balls popped out of no where) But she/he still suits a pink bow don’t you think?

My sweet little rabbit with a bow draped over her neck as she leans out for a fuss

If any of you have rabbits, do your rabbits make a very odd buzzing sound when they get excited? Hazel does, she buzzes until somebody gives her a cuddle!  

Anyway, what pets do you have? Do you think you’d ever consider rescuing animals?

The new mouse for my computer...

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