Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Throwing Shapes

My name is Georgia, I’m 22 and I’m a writer in the big city!

I guess I can say that?

Maybe not… I’ve written a few articles for magazines, Blogs and Newspapers, but nothing really noteworthy. I like to write in my spare time and I’d love to make writing my career in the future but life has a funny way of changing its’ tune so you end up dancing out of time and looking like a complete fool…it never goes the way you want it to does it?

I love animals - especially mice, they are so darn cute!

I like to rescue needy little meeces and give them a loving home. I’m sure I’ll post plenty of cute mouse pictures in the future, as well as cute dog pictures, cat pictures, rabbit pictures and maybe even the odd fish since my family have all these animals too.

As well as loads of animals, I have a huge family. Four sisters and a brother! And I am the middle child. The wonderful, favourite, middle child…

I love music, make-up, clothes, movies, food, cooking, anime and manga, cosplaying, gaming, reading and plenty of other things that all add a little bit to making up who I am, but don’t define me.

So after that little bit about of me, I hope you feel compelled to read on. Find out a little more and get to know me.

This blog will contain anything and everything in it. From my own little stories, to my own cool hacks, reviews and vlogs about the daily trials and tribulations of a girl trying to learn the routine, the steps, the dance to life. There will be plenty of laughs, (mostly at my expense) and you might learn something too… (Like how not to sit an exam. Or how not to go on a first date…)

I hope you stick around for the rest of the story. I think you’d like it, because really aren’t we are all just throwing shapes on the dance floor of life?

 * crazy dances out *

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