Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top Three Tips for Clearer Skin

I was dressed and ready for school one morning waiting at the door with my little sister who turned to me and said,

“I could play dot to do on your forehead. Hehehehe!”

That is exactly what a teenage girl needed to hear before school.

And of course, it doesn’t matter how much mum or anyone else tells you,

“You shouldn’t worry, everyone gets them!” because even if the whole school had acne, we’d all still be completely hell bent on getting rid of it ASAP.

And we all know that at one point we’re going to have a honking great squeezer on the tip our nose, that makes going to school with a paper bag on our head sound way more appealing than hearing all those totally original comments of “Rudolph is here early this year!” and “What time is zit?”

Sometimes there really is nothing you can do but give a sassy finger click in their direction and wait for puberty to hit them.

Because spots are an inevitable fact of life.

But there are a few things I’ve found you can do to limit the time you spend with these unwanted friends.

1.  Eat Good Food

An obvious one. But I’ll narrow it down for you,

- Fish Oils. This is my favourite daily supplement that keeps my skin soft, nourished and spot free. And at £5 it’s pretty much a bargain you can’t miss. Remember it’s the DHA and EPA that matters when choosing a fish oil supplement, the higher the better.

- Green Veg. Is actually easy for me because I love broccoli and spinach. So I tend to incorporate it into my meals. But if you don’t then check out some of my recipes for good skin that hide greens nicely!

- Porridge. Is the lifesaver food for my skin. Quite often when you get bad skin it’s hormonal. You can really sort your hormones out and reign them back in if you have stable blood sugars and having a bowl of porridge in the morning keeps your blood sugars stable and therefore your hormones stable. Porridge with a sprinkle of blueberries, raspberries and honey is my favourite. For an extra boost of vitamins sprinkle some Flaxseed on too.

- Eggs. Contain a lot of vitamin D, which is awesome for great skin. Plus if you have eggs for breakfast, like porridge, it will keep you fuller for longer!

- Probiotic Drink. Good bowels, good bacteria, good skin. Plus they are delicious!

2.  Wash, Tone, Moisturise

I use Clinique mainly; mixing and matching to my preference for my skin type really and haven’t had a skin meltdown since I started using it.

My Wash – Witch Pore Minimising Gel, £1.50 Asda

My Toner – Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion, £18.00 Boots

My Moisturiser – Clinique Moisture Surge, £34.00 Boots

It’s important to do each step, cleanse your face of dirt, close the pores and remove excess oils, then keep your skin baby soft with the moisturiser. You don’t have to use Clinique, it’s just what I found worked for me, and it last absolutely ages so it costs me far less now.

But I have to admit this is an important factor...

... I don’t wash my face everyday. 
"The daily face washers scream in disgust at Georgia's revelation"

I know I know, lots of you will totally disagree or go “eewwww” at that thought. But really, your skin is so delicate, so important and full of good bacteria, which manage themselves quite well without our input. I read somewhere that if you wash with too hot water or wash too much you can damage your skin and strip it of its oils, causing your skin to become dry, overproduce oil and you’ll just get all those spots back. And they’ll bring friends too.

If I haven’t put make up on, I’ll won’t wash my face twice a day like I used to, because I’m certain that’s what made my skin worse. Why not try it at the weekend? One morning, just look at your beautiful face in the mirror, brush your teeth and go on out!

3.  Drink Water and Green Tea

As a rule I try to have a glass of green tea every other day because it’s actually disgusting.

But so good for you! I drink the lemon infused green tea as it takes away the horrible taste. And only let it brew for three minutes, any more and your mouth with feel like you’ve swallowed sand it’s so dry and bitter.

Lastly, it’s been said a lot. So listen up!

Drink lots of water.

Dehydrated skin = bad skin.

Carry a bottle around with you, in your bag and sip at it throughout the day, try and drink two or three.

I guarantee your skin will see results if you follow even two out of three of these, because my forehead, though large, is no longer dotty...


  1. Great post
    Would you like to follow each other ? I'll follow back after it


    1. Thank you :3 I'll definitely follow your blog, I love all your cosplay stuff, looks great!

      Georgia xxx

  2. Great little post :D I definitely don't look after my skin as well I should!

    From Jas xo / jaspooleblog.com

    1. Thanks! I absolutely LOVE your blog! It looks amazing, totally professional, how do you get it to look that great?! And congratulations on your engagement :D

      Georgia xxx

  3. def gonna try this, because I always a those random breakouts

    check out my newest post

    1. Yes me too! I'd definitely try a few, I'll try and find a photo of my skin before I started eating/drinking good stuff for my skin. It makes a huge difference.

      Georgia xxx

  4. This is so true, I notice a huge difference from when I'm taking good care of my skin to when I'm not! :)

  5. Hate green tea? Try it hot in a mug with 6 oz. skim milk and 20 g honey. Yum!

    1. I think having it with milk is worse!! I love it with a wedge of lemon and the honey is a big YES!


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